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Arse of Boy- Because Girl's Perve Too.

a community for discusson between the sexes on what's cool and what's not.

Amply Reveal Sexy End of boy
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A support and awareness group formed for two functions:
- To raise awareness amongst males that yes, we do perve on you so help us out here. Don’t wear jeans that are 4 sizes too big, that’s just annoying. Scientific studies have found that girls actually perve more then guys but they’re more subtle and better at not getting caught. Plus we can really only look at your arse when you’re kinda facing the other way as opposed to you perving on our tits- we kinda have to be facing you and it’s more noticeable. You perve on our tits, we perve on your arses. We wear nice semi-fitted to fitted tops, you could at least wear semi fitted pants.
- To support girls whose objects of perving wear unflattering pants.
- For people who simply think guys need to wear tighter pants.

We in no way support spandex or similar fabrics (unless your superman or some other action hero) or pants that are really disturbingly tight around the crotch.

Ok, we in no way support spandex under any circumstances.

Yes, I know guys don’t just perv on tits and some of you would rather perve on girl’s arses and legs all day. That is not the point.