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New look, I 
11:34am 17/10/2006
mood: cheerful
Cheers all;
We have a sexy new look.
Noby's (or rather, his arse,) has been declared the offial posterboy/posterarse of this communuty.
Have a look at my handy dandy makeover for this community. Opinions?

Another change I've made is to what we can discuss in here. Rather then this just being a community devoted to males and their meat, and better fitted pants, it's now more a community which will hopefully have lots of new members which is free to discuss... those things about the opposite sex that they might not be aware about.

Or whatever. It's a community all about raising awareness. Of the opposite sex, what we all like, what we all don't like.... you get the idea...

Feel free to bitch your hearts out.

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09:04pm 28/05/2006

some fine ass meats no? noby wore his favourite underpants too.

2006-05-27 02:47 pm UTC (from (link) Select
*gropes* hmm very nice

how about groping it for us chole and rating it out of 10? :P
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2006-05-28 07:45 am UTC (from (link) Select
lmao the first ever ass to be shown in this community!
Tis a nice derrière.
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2006-05-28 09:11 am UTC (from (link) Select
But it's not in arse_of_boy. Chloe, you need to shift this entry there :P

Very nice however.
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03:08pm 28/05/2006
  haha sweet! *glee*

On the topic, my first though is: jeans.

And for whoever is in charge of community design :P you can read the topic subjects :P the white on yellow makes it really hard to read... same for the mood and all. :P

Luv ya all!

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11:06am 28/05/2006
  ..alright. i came, i saw, i posted, and now i shall leave.  

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Now honestly, 
06:22pm 25/05/2006
  Where would this community be if it wasn't for me?
Still here, I'm sure but I'm one of the main dames here whose other half finds wearing pants that were 8 sizes too big in yr 11 fun to still where on this day when they now stand 4 sizes too big. woe is me. What ever am I to do?
Oh well in the mean time I have this community to take my mind of it.

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